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Bridgeport Charter

The Charter of Bridgeport United Church of Christ

Founded May 3, 1998
Chartered June 6, 1999

The people of God at Bridgeport Community Church of Portland, Oregon, as a part of this, our chartering as a congregation, affirm our regard for the worth and dignity of all people as beloved children of God. We begin this congregation on the principles of God’s love and justice for all people. We recognize, celebrate, and give thanks for the many diverse gifts of God among us. We welcome all kinds of people: women and men, kids and grandparents, families and single people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and heterosexual people. We believe that we are made in God’s image, and are called upon to accept ourselves, including our sexuality, which is a gift of God that enriches our lives and deeply touches the reality of our own and others’ humanity.

We declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation, welcoming into full membership and full participation in the church persons of every race, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability and economic status.

We acknowledge that throughout history and today many parts of the Christian church condemn and exclude sexual minorities and other oppressed groups from the community of faith, or condone such condemnation and exclusion by their silence. We hold that such discrimination is incompatible with the gospel of Jesus the Christ. We commit ourselves to work diligently to end all oppression and discrimination which afflict God’s people in our society.

Charter Members
Founding Friends

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